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Beautiful eye-catcher: the outdoor table lamp
With an outdoor table lamp you focus the attention on a true eye-catcher. Especially when you go for a Lucide outdoor table lamp. All our table lamps create stylish lighting accents for your outdoor table or lounge area that suits your garden perfectly. That’s why our outdoor table lamps were designed for various outdoor looks. From industrial and trendy to classic and rustic: there is something for every style. Check out our wide online range and simply select your preferences.

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JOE - Table lamp Outdoor - Ø 14,5 cm - LED Dim. - 1x3W 2800K - IP44 - White



JUSTIN - Table lamp Outdoor - Ø 11 cm - LED Dim. - 1x2,2W 3000K - IP54 - White



JUSTIN - Table lamp Outdoor - Ø 11 cm - LED Dim. - 1x2,2W 3000K - IP54 - Black



LA DONNA - Table lamp Outdoor - Ø 19,7 cm - LED Dim. - 1x2W 2700K - IP54 - 3 StepDim - Anthracite



LA DONNA - Table lamp Outdoor - Ø 19,7 cm - LED Dim. - 1x2W 2700K - IP54 - 3 StepDim - White



CLAIRETTE - Table lamp Outdoor - LED Dim. - 1x5W 3000K - IP54 - 3 StepDim - Anthracite



CACTUS - Table lamp Outdoor - Ø 22,7 cm - LED Dim. - 1x2W 2700K - IP44 - White



GLIMMER - Table lamp Outdoor - 1xE27 - IP44 - Black



Outdoor table lamps

Outdoor table lamp for the ultimate ambiance
Because our outdoor table lamps are all beautiful eye-catchers, they create the ultimate ambience for every long summer night. The stunning light and design of these lamps offer ultimate enjoyment. At Lucide, you can choose from various colours, shapes and designs. Just like with all our other outdoor lighting. This allows you to combine various outdoor lamps to create a sparkling light plan for guaranteed intimacy and cosiness in your garden.

Choice of colour, shape and design
How about an outdoor table lamp with a trendy black colour that creates an extra beautiful accent for your modern outdoor look? Or are you looking for a more rustic style? We also have a great selection of beautiful white lamps and matching types of material. Plastic, metal or aluminium: Lucide offers a wide selection of materials. And you can also choose if you want to be able to dim the outdoor table lamps and what light colour the lamp should have. Go for warm white (2700K-3000K), or, say, extra warm white (up to 2700K).

Universal light direction or uplight & downlight
In addition to light colour, you can also choose the light direction of your Lucide outdoor table lamp. If you like a diffuse lighting effect around the lamp, you’ll have plenty to choose from at Lucide. And the same is true when you’re looking for outdoor table lamps with both uplight and downlight positions. The design of the lamp itself – with a lampshade, for example – creates both a downward and an upward direction of the light.

For safe outdoor lighting
You might wonder what the difference is between an outdoor table lamp and its indoor counterpart. Well, that’s the IP class. All Lucide outdoor lighting, including outdoor pendant lights, garden spotlights and lamp posts, has its own IP class, depending on the place where the light should be installed. Our outdoor lighting is always protected optimally against weather such as rain and snow, as well as dust and other dirt carried by the wind.