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The Lucide lamp post in various styles
The Lucide lamp post creates a great atmosphere in your garden or driveway. We offer these lamp posts in both rustic and classic styles. The Lucide lamp post is the epitome of high quality and affordable prices. Check out or website and pick your perfect atmospheric lamp post.

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ARUBA - Lamp post Outdoor - 1xE27 - IP44 - Rust Brown



TIRENO - Lamp post Outdoor - 1xE27 - IP44 - Black



ARUBA - Lamp post Outdoor - 1xE27 - IP44 - Black



ZICO - Lamp post Outdoor - Ø 21,8 cm - 1xE27 - IP44 - Black



TIRENO - Lamp post Outdoor - Ø 18,5 cm - 3xE27 - IP44 - Black



ZICO - Lamp post Outdoor - Ø 21,8 cm - 1xE27 - IP44 - Satin Chrome



Lamp posts

Lamp post: what a statement!
We don’t need to tell you that a lamp post has a quite strong impact in your garden. Whether you go for a Lucide lamp post in a classic style or with a more rustic style: you will always have a beautiful eye-catcher that just oozes ambiance. You can also choose from various shapes and types of material, and on our website you can simply select how many light bulbs your lamp post should have.

Protected from all types of weather
Our lamp post is protected during every season and in every type of weather. They all have an IP class, which indicates to what degree the lamp post is protected from rain, hail, snow and wind. In addition, the IP class also protects the lamp posts from dust and dirt carried by strong winds. Our lamp post range offers the choice of IP44 or IP54. Which IP class is the best for your lamp post? That depends on where you want to place it. If you’re not sure, feel free to contact us!

Matching bollard lights in the same style
To create a beautiful lighting plan, Lucide offers a choice of various types of outdoor lighting that match your lamp post perfectly. Like what, you ask? Our bollard lights (/en/shop/outdoor-lighting/bollard-lights), for example. These lights are functional and create a beautiful atmosphere. Like our lamp posts, they are available in all outdoor styles. From classic and rustic to trendy and modern: everything is possible.

Feeling like you’re in a fairy tale
Once you’ve lit up your garden or driveway with lamp posts, for example, Lucide is also the right place for terrace lighting. In matching styles, our range includes outdoor pendant lights, table lamps and wall lighting. Do you want to put a nice ornament, tree or plant in the limelight? Take a look at our deck lights and garden spotlights. Both cast your garden in a beautiful, fairy tale-like atmosphere.