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Real downlight recessed spotlight
With our wide variety of recessed spotlights we always offer exactly the recessed lights that you are looking for. Lucide offers spotlights in a great variety of colours, sizes and shapes. Pick real downlight spotlights and enjoy the beautiful lighting effect they create. On our website you can simply filter for styles and features that your recessed spotlights should have. You can also filter for dimmable recessed lighting, for example, and recessed lighting with multiple bright spots.

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ZIVA - Recessed spotlight Bathroom - Ø 8,5 cm - 1xGU10 - IP44 - Black



ZIVA - Recessed spotlight Bathroom - Ø 8,5 cm - 1xGU10 - IP44 - White



ZIVA - Recessed spotlight Bathroom - 1xGU10 - IP44 - Black



BINKY LED - Recessed spotlight Bathroom - Ø 8,8 cm - LED Dim. - 1x6,5W 3000K - IP65 - Black



ZIVA - Recessed spotlight Bathroom - 1xGU10 - IP44 - White



Recessed spotlight for the bathroom
If you want to install a Lucide recessed spotlight in your bathroom (/en/shop/lighting/recessed-lighting/recessed-spotlights/filter/use-bathroom), it is important to keep an eye on the IP class. This is related to the area of the bathroom where you want to install the recessed lighting. Every zone on the bathroom has its own IP class that is suited specifically for that area. At Lucide, you can choose from the IP classes IP20, IP40, IP44 and IP65. The last of these is suitable for bathroom areas that are closest to water sources. The IP20 class is suited only for areas in the bathroom that are farthest away from water sources.

Colours, sizes, shapes and materials
Our recessed spotlights are available for every style. In addition, you can choose from various colours, sizes, shapes and materials. These can simply be selected on our website. For example, we offer white, black and grey spotlights, as well as bronze-coloured, matte chrome and multicolour varieties. The designs vary from traditional round to square and even rectangular.

Options for dimming
Thanks to the diversity of external features, you can easily combine the Lucide recessed spotlight with other types of lamps from our range with the same style. For example, wall lighting, pendant lights and floor lamps. In addition, some spotlights are also available with the option to dim them: this allows you to determine exactly how much light you need. And lastly, some of our spotlights is also directional. Some are directional as well as tiltable, while others can only be tilted vertically.

Recessed lighting with diffuse lighting effects
But if you prefer recessed lighting with a diffuse lighting effect, Lucide is also the right place for you. Check out our recessed wall lights and select our handy stair lighting, for example. With the diffuse lighting effect all around you create a beautiful atmosphere.