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Outdoor wall lights create the perfect atmosphere
With an outdoor wall light on your fence or wall, you can create exactly the right atmosphere to match your indoor lighting plan. This is exactly why Lucide offers a wide range of lights. From trendy design and industrial to rustic and classic: we have everything when it comes to outdoor wall lights. Discover it for yourself and check our website for the best Lucide outdoor wall lights.

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Various combinations with outdoor wall lights
To cast your entire garden and outdoor experience in an atmospheric light, Lucide offers a great variety of outdoor lighting. Combine lights to your heart’s content and create just the right tasteful ambiance for your outdoor experience. From rustic outdoor looks to industrial looks, we have everything you need. And what’s more, our entire range is of a high quality as well as affordable! In short, with Lucide you will always find what you need.

Safe and reliable outdoor lighting
And that also applies to the safety of our outdoor lighting. Just like with bathroom lighting, every outdoor light has an IP class. This IP class indicates the degree of protection of the outdoor wall lights and other outdoor lighting. If the place where you install the wall light sees heavy rain or snow, or if it’s very windy, you need special protection. Lucide offers the best IP classes for every type of weather and every type of outdoor light.

A diffuse lighting effect or downlight
The Lucide outdoor wall light normally has a diffuse lighting effect, creating a beautiful ambiance around this light. It is available with multiple light bulbs and in various colours, shapes and designs. Or are you looking for a downlight beam? No problem! Lucide also offers a wide variety of this type of wall light. For example, check out our outdoor wall spotlights and our range will pleasantly surprise you. And the Lucide range also includes combinations of both downlight and uplight wall lights.

Wall lights on your terrace wall
In addition to an outdoor table lamp or outdoor ceiling lights, many of our customers are also interested in wall lighting for their covered terraces. This creates an extra atmospheric dimension for those lovely summer nights and gives a great view of your garden the rest of the year!