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Outdoor ceiling spotlights: perfect for focused lighting
Outdoor ceiling spotlights allow you to beautifully light up your covered terrace, gazebo or pool area, for example. This sets the perfect mood for those warm summer nights. At Lucide, the outdoor ceiling spotlights were designed specifically for this purpose. This means that the Lucide outdoor ceiling spotlight not only offers great design and an amazing atmosphere, but also great safety, whatever the weather!

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TUBIX - Ceiling spotlight Outdoor - Ø 10,8 cm - 1xE27 - IP54 - Anthracite



TUBIX - Ceiling spotlight Outdoor - Ø 10,8 cm - 1xE27 - IP54 - White



Outdoor ceiling spotlights for every style
Because we don’t all have the same outdoor style, Lucide offers a wide range of options for outdoor lighting, including numerous colours, shapes and designs. No matter if you are looking for a good spotlight for your trendy outdoor setting or you want to accentuate your rustic look with these lights. To complete your style, Lucide also offers various other types of outdoor lighting that complement each other perfectly.

Outdoor experience: from ceiling spotlights to wall lighting and more
This includes outdoor wall lighting, pendant lights and table lamps to light up your outdoor experience, but we also have lamp posts in the same style, as well as bollard lights, garden spotlights and outdoor recessed lighting. With our outdoor ceiling spotlights, the total lighting plan casts every summer night in a beautiful light. And the same applies to spring, autumn and winter nights. Beautiful light shows to govern your garden.

Made for optimal and safe use
When you select outdoor lighting on the website of Lucide, you might notice that all lights have an IP class. This IP class is the degree of protection of the outdoor light, just like with bathroom lighting. This degree of protection tells you whether a certain outdoor light is suitable for the place where you want to install it. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us and we gladly help you out.

Lovers of trendy design, classic or rustic looks
For both inside and outside, Lucide offers a great variety of lighting types. Check out our website and discover not only our outdoor ceiling lights, but also our wide range of indoor lighting. The same variety of options is available for our pendant lights, table lamps, wall lighting, recessed lighting (/en/shop/lighting/recessed-lighting) and much, much more.