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The outdoor flush ceiling light with a diffuse lighting effect
With a flush ceiling light outside you can cast a beautiful diffuse lighting effect on your covered terrace, pool or gazebo, for example. Especially when you go for a Lucide outdoor ceiling light. We offer a great variety of beautiful and practical outdoor ceiling lights in every style and with a high quality. And what’s more, our lights are affordable and we have a great service. What’s more to want?

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TUBIX - Ceiling spotlight Outdoor - Ø 10,8 cm - 1xE27 - IP54 - Anthracite



TUBIX - Ceiling spotlight Outdoor - Ø 10,8 cm - 1xE27 - IP54 - White



DUKAN - Flush ceiling light Outdoor - 2xE27 - IP65 - Black



LIMAL - Flush ceiling light Outdoor - 1xE27 - IP44 - Black



The difference between outdoor and indoor flush ceiling lights
At Lucide you have plenty to choose from when it comes to ceiling lights for both outside and inside use. If we only consider flush ceiling lights, you might wonder why we distinguish between outdoor and indoor versions. For both, Lucide offers a great variety of options in every style, whether you’re looking for a trendy design ceiling light or a rustic look. So what’s the difference? The Lucide outdoor flush ceiling light is protected specifically against various types of weather.

The right IP class for the area
For these lights, we describe their level of protection with various degrees of the IP classification. Which IP class your outdoor ceiling lights need depends on the place where you want to hang it. For example, many outdoor ceiling lights have the IP54 class, which offers the best protection against weather such as rain and snow, as well as against dust carried by the wind. The right IP class makes sure that your outdoor lights keep working for years to come.

Also for other types of outdoor lighting
When you visit the product pages on our website, you’ll notice that Lucide also offers other types of lighting designed specifically for outdoor use. Every type of outdoor lighting has its own IP class. These types include pendant lights, wall lighting and garden spotlights. And our range also includes bollard lights, lamp posts and outdoor recessed lighting.

Beautifully lit outdoor experience
By combining the outdoor flush ceiling lights with our other beautiful outdoor lighting, you can create a beautiful whole. Not just for long summer nights, but also during autumn, winter and spring. In short, Lucide outdoor lighting creates a beautiful atmospheric ambiance outside during the entire year. Discover it for yourself and check out our website. We are sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.