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With a wall spotlight you create stunning lighting accents
The wall spotlight collection of Lucide is characterised by both functionality and diversity. After all, wall spotlights are the perfect lights when you’re looking for a bundled light type that goes straight for its target. If you want to highlight an object or light your desk sufficiently, a Lucide wall spotlight is exactly what you need. Take a leisurely look at our collection with the handy filter options on our website.

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TURNON - Wall spotlight - LED Dim to warm - GU10 - 1x5W 2200K/3000K - Black



GRONY - Wall spotlight - LED Dim to warm - GU10 - 1x5W 2200K/3000K - Black



CARO-LED - Wall spotlight - Ø 9 cm - LED - GU10 - 1x5W 2700K - White



CARO-LED - Wall spotlight - Ø 9 cm - LED - GU10 - 1x5W 2700K - Satin Chrome



CARO-LED - Wall spotlight - Ø 9 cm - LED - GU10 - 1x5W 2700K - Bronze



PRESTON - Wall spotlight - LED Dim to warm - GU10 - 1x5W 2200K/3000K - Matt Gold / Brass



BRACKX-LED - Wall spotlight - LED Dim. - GU10 - 1x5W 3000K - Black



DAMIAN - Wall spotlight - 1xGU10 - Rust Brown



MITRAX - Wall spotlight - LED Dim. - 1x5W 3000K - White



RAYEN - Wall spotlight Bathroom - LED - 1x12W 3000K - IP65 - Black



MITRAX - Wall spotlight - LED Dim. - 2x5W 3000K - White



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At Lucide we feel confident enough to guarantee you that you will definitely find the right spotlight in our collection. Our collection represents every interior style, as well as all colours and material types you could want for your wall spotlights. White, black, bronze, matte chrome, you name it. Even glass fixtures are represented. In addition, we offer any design and shape you can think of, from round to oval to semicircular and square.

Choosing the number of light bulbs
You can order your Lucide wall spotlights with one or multiple light bulbs. If you choose two light bulbs, for example, you can create different lighting accents, especially when your spotlights can be tilted or pivoted. But our non-directional spotlights are also high-quality. Would you love a diffuse lighting effect on the wall? Check out our wall lights category page. This assortment will also surprise you with its many options for every style.

Matching home look
In addition to the Lucide wall spotlight and the wall lights for every interior type, Lucide is also the right address for other types of lighting. For example, table lamps, desk lamps, pendant lights, under cabinet lighting and much more. You can select the same interior styles when looking at these lamps to create the ultimate matching look at home. What’s more to want? If you have any questions or if you want to know more about different types of lights in the same style, feel free to contact us!

Spotlights as bedside lamps
For the bedroom, Lucide offers wall spotlights under the category of bedside lamps. The number of light bulbs ranges from one to two, and you can choose from a great variety of designs, as well as fittings, such as integrated LED, and whether or not your wall spotlight should be directional. Some variants have a flexible reading arm, for example, which creates the perfect comfortable environment for reading in bed.