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Plug-in lights

Handy plug in lights are always useful
The plug in light is a handy form of lighting that is always useful. For example, when you need an extra light bulb quickly. Plug in lights add extra lighting while using the existing wall sockets effectively. How does it work? You simply plug in the light and you’re done. If there are no sockets available where you want the light to be, you can always take a look at the other wall lights of Lucide.

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BO-LED - Plug-in light Children - Ø 4,5 cm - LED - 1x1W 6500K - White



Plug in lights create light in the darkness
The Lucide plug in light is not just very handy, but also multifunctional. This smart light source can combine various functions, such as in infrared sensor that comes to life when someone or something moves past it. This can be especially useful in the hall or garage, and it contributes to your sense of security.

Spontaneous charging function
In addition, the Lucide plug in light has a LED charging function. This means that these lights will spontaneously start to charge when the power fails. Isn’t that perfect? This means you can also use the Lucide plug in lights as portable torches and safety lights, when you just want to shed some light on something. For example, when you have to go out at night to close an animal pen, or you need to find something in your garage or cabin when it’s dark already. You can always rely on these handy lamps.

Perfect for the children’s room
The Lucide plug in lights are also perfectly suited for use in children’s rooms. If your child wakes up at night and they start crying, the plug in light will automatically light up when you come in, thanks to the infrared sensor. If your child is a little older already and they have a nightmare, these lights can calm them down and help them fall asleep faster. In short, the Lucide plug in lights are also the ideal light source for children’s rooms.

No socket? No problem
If there is no socket where you want it to be, Lucide offers plenty of other wall lights and wall spotlights that are also quite multifunctional. And when designing these lights, we also considered your interior style. We offer wall lighting in industrial styles, rustic looks, classic, retro, Scandinavian vintage, you name it. In addition, we offer a variety of lighting sources, such as pendant lights and standing lamps, in the same style.