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Arc floor lamps

The arc floor lamp: the sparkling epitome of efficiency
An arc floor lamp is a standing lamp that lights up an area without being in the way. Arc floor lamps are quite useful to light up just your coffee table or dining table, for example. Thanks to the arc construction, you can place the lamp behind a sofa or other piece of furniture in the corner of the room. Then use to arc to bring the light to a different place in the room. So handy!

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PAXI - Arc floor lamp - E27 - White



A suitable arc floor light for every interior style
At Lucide you can certainly find the lamp with arc construction that matches your home and style exactly. Our arc floor lights are designed in various styles and looks, such as the smooth Scandinavian look. With its graceful and modern design, this is a beautiful floor lamp that always creates a great atmosphere. The modern Lucide arc floor lamp is also characterised by its great style as well as its serenity and simplicity.

Exceptionally suited to read by
In addition to the beautiful design, the arc floor light is also exceptionally functional. For example, you can choose to use this lamp to read with. If this is the reason for buying this type of lamp, also check out the Lucide floor reading lamps. With its special type of light, your eyes won’t tire as quickly so you can relax and enjoy your book or magazine with this type of lamp.

In addition to the arc construction, you can also choose whether the Lucide arc floor lamp of your choice should be directional. This functionality can be handy when you want to use it to read by. Turn or focus the lamp in the exact right position that you want and that is best for your height. Did you finish your book or magazine? No problem! Just turn the lamp to a different direction, for example, to create an extra atmospheric accent in the room.

Matching for a stylish whole
In addition to arc floor lamps and floor reading lamps, Lucide offers a wide variety of other lamp types that you can match to create a single stylish whole. For example, check out our pendant lights or wall lighting in the same style. This allows you to create the exact design look you’re looking for, even during the day. What’s more to want?