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The night light for your children’s room
Most children feel safer and more at home in the dark with a night light. And night lights also offer the perfect lighting when your child wakes up from a nightmare, or when they’re ill. And a night light is also great to have when you’re reading to your child. Plenty of reasons, then, for Lucide to compose a varied range. Lucide offers night lights that suit the world of any boy and girl.

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NIGHT LIGHT - Night light Children - LED - 1x3,5W 2700K - Grey



Night lights

Night light for the little ones
For the little ones we offer night lights. These lights have an integrated LED light and use a high-quality battery, so that your child can bring the night light with them during sleepovers, for example.

Energy-efficient LED lighting
But we also have lights without shapes or bright colours. By default, these lights have a white-grey colour and they can simply be plugged into a wall socket. The soft glow that these lights emit have a calming effect on any child, but these lights are also suited exceptionally well for adults. And you also profit from the energy-efficient qualities of the LED lighting.

Handy plug in lights
In addition to the standard white-grey Lucide night light, we also offer a wide variety of other plug in lights. These lights offer handy extra bright spots and are very easy to use. Simply put the plug in a wall socket and your wall light is ready for use. This allows you to bring these lights with you everywhere. The only thing you need is a socket!