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The best desk lamp for a pleasant working atmosphere
With a Lucide desk lamp you create a pleasant working environment. When designing the Lucide desk lamps, we focused on the right adjustment options and light specifications. This ensures optimal concentration and avoids exhaustion. In addition, Lucide also concentrated on the design of the desk lamps. This means that our surprising desk lamp collection always has the right desk lamp for your style.

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BRANDON - Desk lamp - 1xE14 - Black



ANSELMO - Desk lamp - Ø 25 cm - LED Dim. - 1x9W 3000K - Black



ANSELMO - Desk lamp - Ø 25 cm - LED Dim. - 1x9W 3000K - Satin Chrome



AGENA - Desk lamp - LED Dim. - 1x12W 2700K - Black



JANTUANO - Desk lamp - Ø 18 cm - LED Dim. - GU10 - 1x5W 3000K - 3 StepDim - Black



SKANSKA - Desk lamp - Ø 16 cm - LED Dim. - 1x5W 3000K - Satin Chrome



LAUT - Desk lamp - 1xE27 - 3 StepDim - Black



DEVON - Desk lamp - LED - 1x3W 3000K - Black



NUVOLA - Desk lamp - Ø 20 cm - LED Dim. - 1x9W 3000K - Satin Chrome



DAMIAN - Desk lamp - 1xGU10 - Rust Brown



DEVON - Desk lamp - LED - 1x3W 3000K - White



Desk lamps

A desk lamp that matches perfectly
Whether you’re looking for a functional lamp for your study or for the living room, Lucide has a wide variety of lamps that perfectly match your interior. We know how much interior design styles can vary. That’s why our assortment includes suitable lamps for almost every home look. For example, we have beautiful modern lamps for your desk as well as lamps with classic or rustic looks. We also have lamps with industrial designs, Scandinavian vintage and retro styles.

From classic bronze to trendy matte chrome
Perfectly matching your style, the Lucide desk lamp is available in various colours and materials. From classic bronze to trendy matte chrome and from rust-brown to grey iron: we have it all. And the same is true for the design. Whether you prefer round, oval, rectangular or other lamp shapes: you’ll find it at Lucide. The type of light bulb, too, can be selected from a number of options, such as retrofit and integrated LED.

Turning, tilting and adjusting the height
Of course you want to adjust a lamp on your desk to your liking. On our product page you can simply select whether the lamp should be turnable or tiltable. Some people also like to be able to adjust the height of the lamp. And Lucide also offers desk lamps with a flexible reading arm.

Lamp for a beautiful diffuse lighting effect
If you don’t care too much about the functionality of the desk lamp but more about its looks, check out the Lucide table lamps. These lamps are the epitome of ambiance and have a beautiful diffuse lighting effect. Even during the day, these lamps are a joy to look at. The lamps have been designed according to the latest trends and perfectly match your home style.