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Light bulbs

The Lucide light bulb range
Our light bulb range has the same variation and versatility as our Lucide indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and lamp parts. Whether you’re looking for separate LED bulbs, halogen or filament bulbs, tubelights or CFL bulbs, Lucide has everything you need. And what’s more, you’ll have plenty to choose from even within each product group, so that you can always find the light bulb you’re looking for. It’s easy to select the right bulb on our website.

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CFL BULB - Cfl bulb - Ø 5 cm - GU10 - 1x8W 6500K - White



TL - Tubelight - Ø 1,4 cm - T5 - 1x28W 2700K - White



Light bulbs

Select the right light bulb with ease
Light bulbs are available in many types and sizes. One the one hand, because there are so many different preferences, and on the other, because some lamp types have their own unique light bulbs. A LED bulb, for example, has many advantages, because this type of lighting uses significantly less power than, say, halogen bulbs or incandescent light bulbs. Every light bulb has its own unique qualities. Find out all details at Lucide and check out our wide assortment online.

An updated filament bulb
The vintage filament bulb has recently become quite popular again. The visible filaments in the amber-coloured glass have a unique, vintage look. To still offer the advantages of LED lighting, you can also find this vintage-look with a LED bulb at Lucide. Our filament bulbs are very energy-efficient, so that you can fully enjoy them. At Lucide, you can buy these light bulbs both separately and in various types of lamps, such as our industrial pendant lights.

High-quality tubelights
The tubelight is a unique type of light bulb. Explore our wide range, characterised by its high quality and great durability. You can choose from traditional tube-shaped tubelights or circular versions. Lucide has composed a wide selection for both types. Select whether you’re looking for a T5 or T8 fitting on our website. You can also select the light colour, wattage and energy label you want.

CFL bulbs with a long lifespan
Of course, CFL bulbs are an important component of any light bulb range, including that of Lucide. These light bulbs are known for their longevity and low energy consumption. CFL bulbs give off more light while using less wattage. Lucide offers CFL bulbs in various light colours and with energy labels A or B.